I Love Snowmobiles

I Love Snowmobiles

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A snowmobile is a motorized sled or a modified stock chassis that carries one or two people over snow. Often called a snow scooter or a snow machine, it is usually powered by a two or four-stroke engine. Though snowmobiles originated to ride people across distances covered with snow, it is now a popular winter sport in Canada, North America and the colder regions of Europe. However, even now snowmobiles are used for travel in the Arctic areas, though the major attraction of snowmobiles is for recreation only, especially in areas where snow cover is stable in winter. In fact, snowmobile enthusiasts love to drag race on grass and asphalt strips in summers as well.

The standard snowmobile measures from 5 to 8 feet in length and 2 to 3 feet in width. It rides on two short skis in the front and a wide track at the rear. It has an engine of up to 150 horsepower that moves the track, propelling the snowmobile. You can steer the snowmobile with handlebars and go at the speed of 0 to over 100 miles per hour. Snowmobiling was once considered an environmental hazard, mainly because of the two-stroke engines which have since graduated to four-strokes, reducing the pollution levels considerably.

The earliest snowmobiles were used for mail delivery. But, the Ford Model Ts that were modified app.mgunexcel.com/random for the purpose, replacing tracks and skis for the undercarriage, could not be operated in more humid areas. The modern snowmobile in its open-cockpit one-or two-person form came as late as 1970 when many competitors sprang up and nearly two million snowmobiles were sold in three years from 1970 to 1973.

These days we have the industrial-type snowmobiles that are large enclosed vehicles. They are powered by strong 4 to 8 cylinder diesel or petrol engines and are completely tracked with no skis in the front. They can carry passengers and cargo, and are meant for grooming cross-country ski trails.

Snowmobiling is 랜덤추첨기 an exciting sport that can make some operators reckless. Many accidents happen due to snowmobiling in the dark and speeding. People die every year in snowmobile accidents. When you go snowmobiling, you should make safety your chief concern because careless snowmobiling has often resulted in death or serious injury. You should never attempt to snowmobile while drinking. Also, watch out for obstacles and be very careful when crossing roads.

Snowmobiling is a major source of income for people in the small towns of Canada and the United States where tourism is the only activity during winter and summer months. Every year, Americans and Canadians spend over $27 billion on snowmobiling including expenditures on equipment, clothing, accessories and snowmobiling vacations. This goes to prove how popular snowmobiling is in these regions!

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